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TVs on the Wall

We all know that TV is one of the appliances at home that entertains us. We can watch news, our favorite movies/films, shows and much more. We usually put our TV on a TV rack, table, or other furniture in the living room or in the bedroom. These are the common ways of putting our TV at home. However, as the world evolves and technology sets in, new things and innovations take on the world. Modern inventions make our living space roomier like TVs on a wall mount. TV racks and stands are now ditched or sold at garage sales and flea markets when wall mounts are in. Watching your favorite movie can now be done at home and feel like you’re in a cinema.

Searching for the old router

At past midnight, Ace was still rummaging at the boxes we are keeping at the utility area. He was looking for the old router because he is planning to do something with our home network set-up. Unfortunately, the router is nowhere to be found. The box contains the old TV antennas that we aren’t using now because we already subscribed to one of the city’s cable TV provider.

Knowing Ace, he will not definitely stop looking for the antenna. However, he didn’t find the router. Okay, give me some time. I need to wrap up things fast here so I could help find the router. I think I know where it is. Smile