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A Mom’s Day Gift for me

Where has time gone? We just celebrated Christmas not so long ago and now, we are almost in the middle of the year! It’s summer and as expected, everyone is complaining about the heat and the humidity. I wonder why so many people from the West so love this time of the year in our country?

So it’s almost end of April. It will be Mother’s Day before we even know it! Although I am not yet officially a mom, I would like to think that I would be receiving something special from the hubby on that day. He is very aware that I love perfumes, so maybe I could tell him to look into discount fragrances so he could have an idea what to give me! Now that is very cunning of me, isn’t it?

Like mother

Mother’s day will be next month and I wish Mamang’s here so we could celebrate it with her. Can we send mom a gift that she really like or ask God to hand her our mother’s day gift?haha. Wish it’s possible! Mamang is always remembered and honored EVERYDAY of our lives so I guess that’s one of the best gifts that we give her. This made me realize, I need to be like my mom or better so my kids will always remember me and honor me even when I am gone. So I need to be the most loving, the most well-composed, the most forgiving, the most selfless, the best homemaker, that I can be so my children will not forget me when they have their own lives or when I am gone (knock on wood!).