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Required Bedding for Loft Beds

A common question about loft beds is whether a particular type of bedding is required. This is especially true when it comes to kids bedding. These twin-size beds are often used for children, and they may require multiple or over-sized bedspreads to cover each bed. Although you may use regular bedding, there is bedding that is specially designed for these types of beds.


Oddly shaped loft beds are best used with special bedding called bed caps. These caps are similar to a regular comforter or bedspread; however, the corners at the end are sewn like a fitted sheet. Bed caps are designed to stay in place on oddly shaped beds like loft bunk beds and thus save you the hassle of having to make the bed and tuck in the fabric. Another thing to consider when it comes to children’s loft bedding is the type of material used. Kids are always hard on their possessions, and bed clothes are no different. Kids and teenagers tend to spend a large amount of time on their beds while studying, gaming or listening to music, which makes it a high-traffic area. This necessitates buying a durable type of material that is tightly woven. Kids also enjoy having trendy colors and patterns, so you may want to keep this in mind as well.

Finding kids bedding for these types of beds may require some searching, especially if you want to go the route of bed caps. Otherwise, you can simply invest in over-sized bedding in the latest patterns and styles.

Window shopping for home stuff

When at the mall, especially in SM, we don’t miss the chance to visit Homeworld, the appliance parts store, and the hardware store. The last time we were at SM, we dropped by the appliance center for I was looking for a sewing machine. Unfortunately, they don’t carry any brand. I am not sure if sewing machines really belong to that section or not. I hope the sales attendant isn’t laughing at my back because I was looking for something that shouldn’t be found at their store.

We seldom go to boutiques but instead spend the time strolling around those that I have previously mentioned. Are we that old not to enjoy window shopping for clothes and other stuff?haha.