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A friend and her family is in town to attend their relative’s wedding on weekend. We’re supposed to meet this afternoon for a food trip and told me we should meet earlier so we can have L-O-T-S of time to catch up. So I agreed, because we have a lot of catching up to do. However, I went to bed last night thinking of all the things that I need to do today – both online and offline. Then half of me was silently hoping we could postpone our meet-up to the next day.

The world seems to be working on my side that when I woke up, the first text message that I read is from the said friend. She was asking if we could instead meet tomorrow because she’s suffering from migraine. Poor Zanne! She needs rest and a lot of sleep so I agreed. Besides, it’s favorable for me because I also have customer meet-ups tomorrow. I’m hitting 2 birds in one stone tomorrow. Yey! That’ll a lot more convenient for me because I don’t need to go out today, then tomorrow again to meet my customers.

Hope she will feel better later so she’ll enjoy their stay in the city.

Celebrating Friendships

It would be challenging to look for New Year’s gifts. Especially if you want to give presents to family friends, you would want something that the whole family would enjoy. Getting each one of them presents would be expensive and impractical, so thank you gift baskets would be perfect.

These baskets of goodies are great treats for people who have been part of our lives in 2011. As another year opens up, it would only be fitting to thank those folks whose friendships really have made 2011 special.

Although we are not in any way required to give gifts during the holiday season, it has become a tradition for those who want to express love and gratitude to those who deserve it. Happy new year one and all!