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WordPress installation is quick and easy

Website owners (bloggers included) need to know the other side of blogging – that is registering domains, hosting it, and creating a website. For non-techie people, it may seem rocket science. Believe me, that’s what I believed when I was starting to blog. But for those who are taking the leap and willing to learn, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. One might feel lost or get intimated with the terms but I tell you, it’s fairly easy. Besides, there’s Google and support people who can answer your queries and help you go about it. You can find a lot of articles online to answer questions ranging from How to Register a Domain to  How to make a website. There are lots of articles and tutorials in the web for newbie web owners who wanted to create their own. You just need to be patient and curious enough to learn on your own. Besides, people who are well-versed with those things went through learning phase before so don’t fret.

For those asking how to install WordPress, here’s some simple steps (not the techie type) to do supposing you have already added your domain name in your webhost:

  1. In your cpanel, open fantastico de luxe or the quick WordPress installation button
  2. Fill up required fields such as domain name, blog name, WordPress log-in details, etc.
  3. Click finish install

Viola, you have now a WordPress site!