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Magazine collection

De-cluttering for the nth time here at home. All old books have been kept in a box while my favorite magazines are just within reach so I can easily get one when I wanted to read or when I am looking for something. My collection of magazines include monthly issues of Yummy, Good Housekeeping, and Entrepreneur and some old collection of Smart Parenting from my sister’s stash…ohhh…not inlcuded are cigar magazines that I am sure some cigar lovers would love to have.

Have a Restful Sleep

Having a good sleep is vital to have a good day. It revitalizes both the body and mind which makes us more productive. Bad sleep means bad day. Having the right mattress to sleep in would definitely help give you a sound sleep. One of the mattresses that some people claim to help them have a good slumber is the memory foam mattress.

The memory foam uses body heat to mold the person’s body in the mattress. This effect helps ease the high stress points of the body due to the even distribution of the body’s weight in the mattress. In addition it doesn’t have any springs in the mattress so it minimizes the impact of the person’s movement which is really helpful especially if your sleep partner moves a lot while sleeping. Try it and enjoy a restful sleep.