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Ring sling and crocheted headband

This work-at-home-mom is into crocheting lately. I started making headbands for my Nati when she was still inside my womb. I just feel the need to learn this craft because I believe it can be income-generating in the future. True enough, a mommy blogger I just met wanted me to make a crocheted choker for her and her children. I told her I need time to practice since I am into making headbands only. Need to find a nice yet simple pattern for the choker necklace.

Meanwhile, my sister Carol who is sewing baby ring sling just made a sale through me and Nati. The young mom and her mother saw me babywearing Nati during our last visit to her pedia. They got Carol’s contact and ordered a ring sling. I just love the color! Carol asked us to deliver the ring sling and I just feel generous to send a crocheted headband to the baby as freebie.

Ring sling (sewn by Carol) delivered today. The young mom and her mother who ordered this saw me babywearing Nati while waiting for our turn at the pedia's clinic some weeks back. Order a ring sling and get a crocheted headband for free! #ringsling #babyw

Ring sling by my mompreneur sister and crocheted headband by moi

Thought of a good marketing strategy. I will be giving away a crocheted headband for every purchase of a ring sling! Yay! I am serious about considering this a business so I need as much exposure as possible. Now I am planning to have a nice packaging so my hair trinkets would be gift-worthy. I was thinking of commissioning an online friend to design a logo for my crochet stuff then I’ll have it printed in board stocks for packaging. I’ll just look for an establishment that offers wholesale printing so I could save in packaging cost.

Printing Postcards

It’s always a joy to receive postcards. I have lots of friends who actually have that for a hobby, and it’s always fun to look into their collection. I was actually contemplating of collecting postcards myself, but I don’t think I would have the time to make a trip to the post office that often.

I guess postcard printing online would be a good business, since so many people are into postcards these days. It’s also great that we could print our own photos of interesting places we have been to. Sometimes it’s a struggle to find good quality postcards with brilliant shots. I have a few collection of photos I took myself and would love to see them printed and sent to friends of mine who live overseas!