Monthly Archives: March 2012

Higher thread count in bed linens

Getting a deep slumber is very important especially to people like me who lacks sleep most of the time. During the time when I don’t have sleeping issues – that was when I was still younger and not working from home – I don’t mind about small things that makes one’s sleep a comfortable one such as having dark curtains or window blinds to keep the sun’s light from entering thru the windows. It is important to simulate an evening environment in the bedroom when one is working at night and sleeping during the day. Another important thing to consider in getting a good sleep is the mattress and the bed linens. I am very particular when it comes to bed linens since I have learned about thread counts from my sister. So when I am buying linens, I don’t look for the price but the thread count. The higher, the better because it means the fabric is softer than those with lower thread counts. The luxury bed linen  at The White Company has that quality I am looking for so I’ll keep the store in mind when I have the budget for another set of bed linens.

Blogging from my iPad

Working now from my iPad because my youngest sister is using my laptop for the meantime. She was hired for an online project-based work so I need to lend her my computer to be able to work. I’m not too comfortable blogging from my iPad2 but I’ll get used to it soon. Maybe I’d be more comfortable when I have a mouse and a keyboard to work with. Anyway, this won’t last long. Soon, we’ll get sister’s laptop so she can work in it. I am just happy now that all my siblings are working.