Monthly Archives: January 2012

Handheld tripod

A few minutes past five PM, the LBC delivery van pulled off in front of the gate. Yes! My quikpod handheld tripod is here! This handheld tripod travelled from the US and was passed on from one mommy blogger to the next, until it gets here in our place. 

We can take better self-portraits now. Yay!

Sometime last month, this handheld tripod was bought for me by one friend blogger. Then she sent it to another mommy blogger who is going home for a vacation from the US. It was then hand-carried and another mommy blogger claimed it for me and sent it through courier. Thanks to the kind mommies! I am giddy happy about this handheld tripod because I and hubby will be able to take our self portraits better. Taking our self-portraits has been our problem since then so now we can take self portraits without obviously extending one arm to hold the camera.

The mommy who hand-carried my quikpod also brought a negligee for a another mommy whom she met at Bohol. How sweet of her! She was inspired to buy a negligee after one Mommy posted the sexy lingerie her husband got her and caused the hype in our FB group and everybody excitedly took a peek at a  discount lingerie store.LOL. That was really a super fun conversation in FB that time that made some other mommies to get a pair of lingerie too!  

The language of the soul

Music, they say, is the “language of the soul”. Regardless of race, color, languages and cultures, people all over the world can sing songs together. Thanks to the media, music of different genre and styles can now be enjoyed by music lovers all across the globe.

Although over the last few years, bands have been using more of electric guitars when they play the instrument, I still like acoustic guitars. I love acoustic guitar solos, in particular. The instrument has a way of touching my heart and it’s just plain romantic, too!

I don’t play guitar but hubby does. We both love the same kind of music, and singing is one of the things we enjoy doing together especially when with friends and relatives. I guess you can say it’s one of the languages we both could speak!