Monthly Archives: October 2011

Long lashes

People never fail to notice my nephew’s long eyelashes. I wonder where did he get those? Me and my sisters are not blessed with long, curly lashes. From my BIL’s side, I didn’t notice the long lashes too. But my nephew got those thick, long lashes that makes him more adorable! When I was in my teens, I was wishing to have a thick long lashes but I don’t know how to achieve it except for using mascara. I didn’t know that there are eyelash growth products people who wanted to have a thicker and longer lashes. Had I known it before, I might have tried using it. That if, I have the guts to try those products back then.LOL.

Available jobs

Aside from hospitality jobs, healthcare professionals are also in need in other countries. There are lots of job vacancies, including Dental Assistant Jobs, X-ray technician jobs, and a lot more! But then not all qualified individuals could apply because there have been reservations for some because of the job location. If only those vacancies are within the country, thousands of people will definitely be employed. There are others who are courageous enough though, not minding the safety issues as long as they can land a job and provide for their families.