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I love businesses who have toll free numbers

Aside from a very good customer service, it is important for businesses to have a Toll Free Number so that clients can easily reach the company should there be issues with the products or services they have availed. Prospect clients can also easily reach the company should they have queries about the services the company provides or the products you are selling.

I am very particular with after sales service of the companies – be it the stores where we got a product, or a company where we subscribed for their services. Since I am working online and internet is what I breath day in and day out, I am very particular with how my internet service provider deals with their clients and how accessible the customer service could be reached. I had frequent problems with my connection and calling the toll free number anytime of the day is very helpful. Thanks to the people behind toll free numbers! Businesses can easily be reached anywhere in the country! Hence, issues are addressed easily without so much hassle from paying long distance call fees on the part of the consumers. Isn’t that great for businesses? Clients who hates hassle would love businesses who can be reached that easy –  by calling the toll free number.

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Planning to get an asset-based loan

Having a fulltime job as a steady source of income is great. It could give us the security that we could survive with our daily needs. Although the steady income is enough, it is better to have another source of income. It will eventually bring us to financial security.

So it has been our (me and my husband) dream to have an extra source of income. Aside from the salary from my fulltime job and the blogging earnings, we are finding ways to have extra source so we could pay off the bills and the house that we are buying in due time. Continue reading