Monthly Archives: July 2011

Excited to be an expecting mom

For years now we are hoping that someday, the RIGHT time to bear a child will be given to us. We are still working on this but at the same time I don’t want to feel pressured about not having a baby yet – it will only depress me. So while we don’t have a kiddo yet, I and hubby are enjoying our childless moments to bits because we will definitely miss this once the RIGHT time is here. At the back of my mind, I am excited to take my maternity photos, shop for the baby, and even take tons of photos of the baby. Those are the things that excites me to be pregnant. Aside from that, wouldn’t it be exciting to look into sonography schools and become a sonogram technician, so you could be a part of the joy of expecting moms every day? I wish and pray the RIGHT time will be SOON!

Preggy stuffs

The preggy friends have given birth early this month! Yay! Welcome to the new babies of our HS class. Haven’t seen the babies though. But we will be visiting one of them for a photo shoot maybe within the week. Hope I could catch some baby dust this time because last time was a total failure. Oh, not yet the right time…I know.

Most probably, the preggy stuffs will go – preggy clothes,  fetal doppler, and all others – or it will still be kept by the mommies and will just be given away to other friends who might need them. I’ve got a crush on one of the dress worn by a friend during our maternity shoot. I hope she will pass it on to me when it’s my time to wear maternity dresses! Yay!