Monthly Archives: March 2011


For the first time, Ace went swimming topless! He used to wear shirt when swimming because he is so conscious about his back acne. But last Monday, he was topless when we went swimming at Emar’s Wavepool where we celebrated my nephew’s 2nd birthday. It was an “achievement” in Ace’ part because he was so conscious about his nodular acne even before. Now he gained more self confidence and has gone beyond his comfort zone of wearing tops when swimming. Little by little he is gaining his self confidence. Way to go!!!

Summer is here

Summertime is here yet I am not ready. Costume-wise, I haven’t shopped for summer dresses and swimsuit yet. We already have a line-up of beach getaways – with family, with friends, and with colleagues in the next weeks. Oh, here I am again, and I am pretty sure I will be doing a last minute shopping. This time I wanted to get a nice and decent pair of swimwears and a cover up so I can say goodbye to my ukay-ukay bikini top that seemed to be overused because it is what I am using every time we go swimming. No slutty costumes for the mean time. I need swimwears and sun dresses more than ever. And I hope to find one that is nice yet affordable.