Monthly Archives: February 2011

Growing like mushrooms

Nursing schools have grown like mushrooms around the country and students taking up nursing reached several hundred thousands already. Everywhere I look I see students in white uniform, I can’t help but wonder if there will still be jobs available for them in line with their course after they graduate. Some people I know were lucky to land a job at hospital’s abroad. It was not easy for them. They not only submitted medical resume but has underwent trainings and seminars not to mention the exams they have to pass before finally getting that coveted job.

Balls and cars

My nephew’s birthday will be next month. He will turn two then. As early as last month, I and Ace are already planning what gift to give him. he recently developed that fondness in toy cars so we will be giving him those. But before he was hooked in toy cars, he was so fond of balls. Everything round that he sees, he calls it “bob” (ball). When he goes here, he will play with Ace’ basketball or football balls that he is keeping. Football is not round but he knows it is a ball. Some football gifts will also be great for Eman then but since he shifted his interest from balls to toy cars we’d rather give him a piece or two cars that he can play with.