Monthly Archives: November 2010

Dress rehearsal

I don’t usually do “dress rehearsal” but glad I did tonight because it’s only now that I found out my board shorts don’t fit anymore! So I have to dig into my stash to look for a shorts that could fit in me. Glad I found one. Not a board shorts though but at least it fits me well. Now I have my outfit for swimming tomorrow and I am about to pack our bag. Note to self: NEVER FORGET THE SUNBLOCK LOTION (not a tan lotion). I easily gets sunburned so I need a sunblock.

Green bar

Most of my blogs don’t have PR. Until now I don’t know what’s the basis of Google in giving page ranking. Some say submit sites in directory submission services, have backlinks, and write quality and original content. I’ve seen a lot of sites lacking those three and it has high page rank. I think SEO skills is important in gaining page rank but since I am not adept in that thing, I’ll just let Google do the honor of giving me page rank without optimizing my sites. Less effort, less stress.