Daily Archives: September 25, 2010


It’s a working weekend again! I can’t wait for the time when my weekend will be work-free..and I am looking forward to that! As usual, I have to get things done quick so that I’ll still have time to rest before we go out this afternoon.Quick means finishing my pending tasks in an hour or two! I don’t know if I can make it. If not, then let it be. I don’t wanna push myself too hard this time. Hence I’ll take time on learning about¬†Accutane Lawsuit for I may experience information overload later on if I continue on feeding it with information that are not familiar with me.

Trading and investments

A friend is just lucky to have sold his stocks in mining the other day. I don’t know the exact figure how much he earned from selling but he said it is big enough that he was able to gain back the money he spent in buying his external flash for his photography gears. If he keeps on trading, he could surely buy a¬†gold bullion for an investment. He and his wife are managing more than five restaurants already and they will surely love the idea of having another investment. I wonder if I’d be as lucky as they are in terms of owning a business.