Monthly Archives: July 2010

Indoor TV antenna works!

When we moved here, we cannot instantly watch TV shows because we don’t have TV antenna! That made me miss the apartment, where we have free cable connection. And that made me miss Lifestyle network! So anyway, after weeks of enduring that unclear TV reception, we decided to get an antenna and antenna reviews helped a lot in deciding which to antenna to get. We preferred an indoor TV antenna over the outdoor antenna. I thought it won’t work well because it’s just indoor but the reception of the TV is clear! Now we could enjoy watching TV with a somewhat cable-like reception.

Best buy


An online friend got me this set of Corningwares together with the Corelle dinnerwares set that I will be selling. It’s a Best Buy because you could hardly get those set in such a low price! Oh my, I would love to shop in their area! I really hope shipping wouldn’t cost that much because I will be hoarding Corelles, Corningwares, Pyrex and a lot of cookwares and flatwares not to mention that Ace is also planning to get a set of power tools. If there’s only a way to fly there for free and be able to shop, I would probably hoard on home stuffs. Forget about my dream signature bags for now. I wanted those home and kitchen stuffs at a discounted price because it’s too pricey if I buy it here.