Monthly Archives: June 2010

Unwanted visitor

So I thought I am already on the way and would be needing one a day womens prenatal vitamins when on the 5th night of being delayed, the UNWANTED visitor came. So disappointing but I learned to just accept the fact that it is not yet the right time. In HIS time, we will definitely have our bundle of joy. When? I don’t know. One of these days we will understand the wisdom of not being blessed with a baby yet and I am pretty sure it is for our own good. For now we will just enjoy the happiness of being a Tita and Tito to our niece and nephew, and the adoptive parents of our fur-babies whose family are growing. Just imagine having 5 dogs and 1 cat in the house, that’s a handful of mouths to feed.

Fell for this…

Oh my, I would definitely go gaga over this new collection of Coach Heritage Satchel.

I know this is not the right time to indulge myself in a pricey bag but I just can’t help wishing I can have one in the near future. I already have a brown Heritage Satchel but I can’t help myself from falling in love with this classy black and white Heritage Satchel. If only money is limitless, I would have bought this the first time I saw it at Faye’s flickr┬«┬ástream. Wishful thinking….