Monthly Archives: May 2010

Cosmetology school

Calling all people in Louisiana and its neighboring cities to check out Louisiana Cosmetology School should you want to learn the trade in cosmetology and be one of the high-paying beauticians in the country. If only my heart goes for cosmetology and hair science, I would love to enroll in a short course. But I don’t see myself doing that thing the soonest as I wanted to learn baking first. Maybe next time, when I have learned all that I wanted to know, I will try to learn the basic in cosmetology as I can also use the skill in the future.

Drinking women’s multi vitamins

is one thing I need to be serious about. I am only good at the start but I tend to forget about drinking my womens multi vitamin after a week or so. At first I will only skip for a day, then two days, until I will totally forget that I have my daily supplement that I should be religiously taking. Next time, I will put it the table so I will see it while eating. Then right after eating, take one tablet without much effort.

I need such vitamins to supplement my daily nutritional needs and if I don’t wanna get sick and age faster, I MUST drink my vitamins daily. Haytsss….why the need for daily drinking? Why can’t they manufacture one capsule that is good for a week or a month? I think that is what I needed. With me, being so forgetful, one tablet for the rest of the week is the best for me.