Monthly Archives: March 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

There’s so many things to be thankful for and here’s some….

1) for all the blessings that kept pouring in. Work is drowning me but I must not refuse it.

2) for keeping Ace safe on his way to work and going home everyday

3) for the heavy rain earlier. It was really a blessing!

4) Ace stayed at home with me today. He chose to stay instead of going to work and he must be loving it!

5) for the breakfast and lunch that Ace prepared while I am doing general cleaning early today

6) our 31st wedding monthsary tomorrow. Yay!

7) in between all the things that I need to finish, I still find time to sit down and watch Showtime. I am loving Vice Ganda so much!

8) our family and friends

9) being hands-on in the kitchen and learning new dishes. It’s fulfilling to serve home-cooked meals to my husband and he is loving every bit of it.

10) trip to the beach in a few weeks!

Check out here if you wanna join.


Heard a lot of complains about how our Social Security System are expediting the benefits of its members. Got a lot of headaches from them when  I was still working for one of the biggest conglomerate in the country and I am fed up with how SSS does their thing. Imagine releasing your maternity benefit months after you have given birth when you need the money to pay for the hospital bills and others. Once benefit claims are filed, you have to wait for forty eight years before it will be released. Kidding aside, it takes days, weeks or even months to receive your benefit claims not to mention that you have to go to the office countless times. Grrrr!

Wish there’s a third party company here like Allsup to represent people in claiming their social security disability insurance to save them a lot of time and effort in filing, processing and claiming their benefits.